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Kitchen Cabinets
Melamine Slab or Shaker Cabinetry Doors
Melamine particleboard of Prime Kitchen Cabinets Inc  stands out from
the competition, manufactured  of top-quality wood fibers, its smooth
surface and exceptional machining ease, making it the ideal choice for
commercial and residential applications. 
Our Melamine particleboard  manufactured at facilities across North
America, by Tafisa and  UniboardTM  is the perfect choice for designers,
architects and manufacturers. In addition to producing top-quality Melamine
particleboards,   Uniboard and Tafisa provides the industry standard in terms
of quality, uniformity and consistency. 
Melamine particleboards are used in all market segments.
Office furniture • Store fixtures • Commercial • Healthcare • Residential
kitchens, closets and storage 
Kitchen Cabinets : First Quality Ingredients
Those manufactures use top-quality wood fibers bonded with a proprietary
resin formulation developed and produced at  facility in Val-d’Or, Quebec.
Its smooth, dense and non-porous surface makes it ideal for laminating and
This quality of Melamine particleboard cuts easily and cleanly without 
chipping, a significant advantage that optimizes production time and
minimizes waste. 

Kitchen Cabinets : Flame Spread Index
All  this product  meet the Class 3 or C ULC 723-10 (ASTM E84)
requirements concerning the Flame Spread Index (between 76 and 200)
and the Smoke Development (maximum 450). 
Prime Kitchen Cabinets Inc : Choices and Selections
We also offer a selection of 36 Solid , Wood grain
and textured grain standard colors  for slab and Shaker door Cabinetry style with 2-3 weeks
lead time to produce All Assembled Ready to install
We ship all across Canada , USA and Caribbean Islands
Our price compete with a large industry Kitchens company
All Assembled Kitchen Cabinets  and Ready to Install
Attached: Detailed  lists and price for Kitchen Cabinets:
All Assembled , Ready to install 
I. Doors Style:
A .Panel ,
B .Shaker
Product: Melamine
Color: several color choices 
II. Kitchen Cabinet Height: 84 in or 7 Feet
Cabinet Box : White Melamine with 5/8 "adjustable shelves
Drawer Box: Multitech White steel track
Hinges: concealed 110 degree Clip On
Optional: Drawers and hinges with soft closing available         
Melamine Kitchen Doors - Porte en Mélamine

Melamine Kitchens Plan - Cuisine en Mélamine

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Melamine Kitchens Plan - Cuisine en Mélamine

Melamine Kitchens Plan - Cuisine en Mélamine
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