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• KITCHEN CABINETS • LABORATORY • HOSPITAL • PHARMACEUTICAL Unlike most other laboratory and healthcare equipment manufacturers, Diamond Professional’s flexibility in manufacturing and design, and ability to customize its product offering has led to its successful development of an entirely unique line of healthcare, laboratory and Kitchen Cabinets equipment. Our Partner manufacture develops emergency and operating room equipment, as well as Kitchen Cabinets , and has an entire line of adaptable laboratory products compliant to industry standards. Our Partner exceptional manufacturing capability and experience in stainless steel sets itself apart from all of its competitors.. MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY Our company benefits from our technologically advanced machinery, expertise, and equipment throughout each phase of our manufacturing process within their 65,000 sq. facilities. High-tech production with stainless steel and aluminum encompass: flat sheet and tube manipulation, roll forming, bending of sheet metal of various gauges, and one-piece fabrication. Technological competencies include fiber-optic laser cutting and perforation, TIG welding, metal treatment, electroplating, powder coating, and sophisticated polishing. Incorporating various materials such as acrylic, granite and quartz, glass and wood are handled with specialized tools such as diamond cutters, precision cutting, water jet, and high-speed milling. CUSTOM FABRICATION To enhance aesthetic, personality, and customer branding, custom fabrication is offered to personalize and set a client’s concept apart from their competition. With experienced designers and engineers, vast and adaptable manufacturing capabilities, our Partner can produce limitless creative and unique designs and products, driven by imagination. Based on established expertise and experience of large and small-scale projects, across multiple industries, and in numerous countries, projects can be tailored with precision. MILLWORK, ACCENTS, AND FINISHES Beyond specific requirements of functionality lies the charm of equipment dressing. Equally important are the details of display and consumer interaction. A focused attention to detailed accents and finishes, forms and materials is incorporated into each project, interpreting the client vision. A multitude of millwork and finishes can enhance the mundane to magnificent, with purposeful, decorative, and inspiring results. This approach embraces the integration of combined materials such as steel, glass, laminate, and wood, which is translated to timeline acceleration and increased value for clients. Our Partner constantly re-invests in their capabilities to remain at the forefront of industry trends and evolvement. RECENT PROJECTS
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