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Thermofoil Monopièce Door

Kitchen Cabinets Thermofoil or Polymer door Innovate and to develop your own Kitchen Cabinets with line of custom designed products. With Thermoplastic, you have a vast array of models and accessories, as well as lots of finishing options. Glaze on Thermofoil, penciled glaze or wiped glaze finish or a high gloss finish, your choice! Since 1991, Prémoulé is offering you the most complete program in its industry. An infinite amount of possibilities for your thermoplastic doors, with an exclusive ten-year warranty

Variety and durability

Thermofoil or Polymer is used widely in Europe for more than 25 years, the technique of thermoforming has proved its worth. Its popularity is still growing in several markets through its infinite possibilities, affordability and longterm reliabilit Intense sources of Heat must be installed away from any polymer products Kitchen Cabinets Thermofoil or Polymer Cabinetry doors are used in all market segments. Office furniture • Store fixtures • Commercial • Healthcare • Residential kitchens, closets and storage We ship Kitchen Cabinets all across Canada , USA and Caribbean Islands Our price compete with a large industry Kitchens company All Assembled Kitchen Cabinets and Ready to Install Attached: Detailed lists and price for Kitchen Cabinets: All Assembled , Ready to install Kitchen Cabinet Height: 84 in or 7 Feet Cabinet Box : White Melamine with 5/8 "adjustable shelves Drawer Box: Multitech White steel track Hinges: concealed 110 degree Clip On Optional: Drawers and hinges with soft closing available Thermofoil Kitchens - Cuisine en Thermofoil

Thermofoil Kitchens Plan - Cuisine en Thermofoil

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Thermofoil Kitchens Plan - Cuisine en Thermofoil